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Disaster Preparedness – The Case For MREs

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Disaster Preparedness – The Case For MREs

It’s very difficult for anyone to argue against the fact that the world is becoming ever more dangerous. We see news of increasingly frequent natural disasters, and the threat of terrorism seems to be rising across the globe.

The question is – other than being vigilant – what can the average person do to ensure the safety and well being of their families should disaster strike?

The key to weathering natural or man-made disasters is preparedness.

Each home should have the supplies that are required to provide all the basics that are needed should they be cut off from the usual supply sources.

This means water, light, heat – and food.

The problem with stockpiling food is that much tend to go bad after a finite amount of time – and even relying on canned and preserved foodstuffs does not always make the task of supplying balanced meals easy.

The solution may be to source civilian MREs – what the military calls ‘Meals Ready To Eat’.

The civilian version of these meal kits is readily available from a number of reputable suppliers (most on the Internet) who will deliver cases of MREs (or smaller quantities should you wish) to your home where they can be stored. The beauty of these meal kits is that they boast extended shelf life – sometimes measured in years (at the right temperature).

Civilian MRE packs usually contain the following in each ‘meal pack’. An entree, a side dish, crackers, cracker spread, a dessert or snack, and beverage powder along with accessories such as spoons and other essentials. Many packs are self-heating (just add water to the pouch).

The beauty of civilian MREs is that they supply all the nutrition that is required for extended periods during disasters, the packs contain varied types of ingredients, they boast extended shelf life, and they require no additional tools (pots, pans, etc.) to prepare or external heat sources.

If you want to be prepared for an emergency you should be stocking up on MREs – it’s simply common sense.

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